At Radius Designs our philosophy blends form and function to produce custom design solutions that work.

We employ a variety of approaches to provide our clients with the result they seek in creative, Cost-Conscious ways. Each of these sections demonstrates some of the ways in which we have applied our philosophy to specific client projects.

In today’s business environment, the combination of shorter Leases and the investment necessary to support today’s technologies in squeezing architectural budgets to the bone. In response, we developed the concept of “One Grand Gesture”- a signature, high impact design statement that, though modest in size, scope, materials and cost, creates an exciting, recognizable look.

In today’s tight office plans, making workspaces serve more than one purpose can provide a crucial cost advantage. Our careful, thoughtful design approach can turn underutilized single – purpose spaces, such as conference rooms, into cost – efficient multi – functional spaces.

When it comes to choosing materials and construction techniques, we treat our customers money as if it were our own. Using common materials in innovative ways, we do Signature design work even on a modest budget. In our view, it doesn’t take great design talent to create beautiful spaces with unlimited funds – true talent lies in creating beautiful spaces within a budget.

Through to close attention to detail, we are able to successfully co-ordinate the highly complex system and technologies on which our clients’ businesses depend. Design excellence is not only about how good a space looks, but also about how well it works. Getting the less glamorous more functional elements of each project right is a key part our mission.

It is virtually guaranteed that business will change dramatically within the next three to five years. Since no one can predict exactly into our clients’ spaces so they will meet today’s needs and can be adapted to suit whatever comes next.

Using readily available fixtures, we design lighting as part of the architecture of a space. Lighting often serves as a creative way to achieve a dramatic impact at relatively low cost. “Hidden” fixtures can be employed to provide glare-reducing indirect lighting, an ideal choice wherever computer displays are used.

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